Mint™ for everyone

Publishers and distributors platform

Mint™ Open Online Distance Learning platform is a platform for publishing and distributing integrated interactive electronic educational digital content that transports the educational process electronically and socially to a better level.

Platform advantages and objectives

The goal is to provide a free public platform for everyone in which the teacher can include interactive educational electronic content with the latest technology systems via a platform that responds to the requirements of the age and supports the quality of education by enabling the student and the concerned parties to interact with him positively and the educational process becomes easy and enjoyable and useful with the possibility of continuous improvement and development.

  • Features for the publisher

    - The ability to view interactive content
    - Copyright is guaranteed upon displaying its various contents
    - Easy digital distribution
    - Enjoy the question bank and the ability to publish thousands of questions and retrieve them in quizzes and practices.

  • Benefits for the teacher

    - Content management, organization and ease of sharing
    - Managing discussions between lecturer and learners
    - Manage assessments
    - Automatically broadcast and record lectures in smooth live sessions

  • Student benefits

    - Fun methods to interact within the content and inside the educational spaces
    - Putting study notes on books
    - Question of competent teachers
    - Self-training
    - The ability to view content without the Internet
    - Enjoy challenges and leaderboard with colleagues
    - Follow live lectures

Students and Teachers


Platform and shop

Mint™ application contributes to achieving enjoyable learning remotely or within organizations by providing distinctive interactive e-learning. It accommodates all registered teachers and students. Available on tablets, iPads and computers. And a platform to publish books and educational content of all kinds and share them to users or view them in the Mint™ Market.


Student comments

I was able to use the free platform to create spaces and publish my books in the online Market without suffering from the printing presses and publishing houses.
Adel Allam, Freelance Professor of Psychology
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