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Distance Learning Platform

Mint serviced the education within the university and via distance learning. All educational content and academic evaluation under one platform.

Platform Advantages and Objectives

The faculty was able to take advantage of all the capabilities of the platform and to provide an adequate educational system for students with skill and creativity in light of the epidemic crisis.

  • Educational Contents

    The faculty was able to add educational books and summaries and photograph lessons explaining the curricula prescribed for the second semester.

  • Live lectures integrated within Mint™

    The lectures were posted in a live broadcast method with Mint and all the lectures were recorded and uploaded to the spaces in an easy automatic way.

  • Assessments

    Remote second-semester tests were done on Mint, and included multiple choice questions and essay questions.

  • Teacher reports

    A final report was presented to the teacher on the grades of the students who took the exams, along with a report that tracks the students' activities in the exercises and discussions.





Mint™ application contributes to achieving distance learning brilliantly, easily and accommodating large numbers of students and faculty. Available on tablets, iPads and computers. The platform is adapted for remote assessments, self practices from question banks, live broadcasts, student discussions, and professors' questions. The platform can also be used for on-campus learning.


Student comments

The site is great in the full sense of the word, it helped me a lot to accomplish my work easily and distinguished because of its ease of use and its wonderful capabilities which I did not find in any other educational application, as it helped me to upload the various contents of audio and video and lectures and the ease of communicating with students and interacting with them, which facilitated the learning process remotely and make it fun and creative.
Professor Salma Ahmed, Professor of English at the University
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