Mzeed for Ministerial Education

E-learning Campus System and Distance Learning

Mzeed Online Distance Learning Platform is an integrated interactive e-learning system that takes the educational process electronically and socially to a better level.

Platform advantages and objectives

The goal is to provide a free public platform for all levels of ministerial education with interactive electronic educational content included with the latest technology systems and media market. The Mzeed project is an education initiative in the State of Qatar, in cooperation with Ishraq Software Solutions and Content Development. The project aims to contribute to the renewal and development of traditional study methods, making them more effective and stimulating for students, and creating an effective educational environment.

  • Self Education

    High-quality, explanatory content.

  • Remote Practice

    Practice of Ministry of Education Curriculum with Immediate results.

  • A Fun Entertainment System

    Enjoy challenges and honor board with colleagues.

  • Communication with experts

    The student can communicate with specialized expert teachers for lesson explanation and special questions.



Mzeed Qatar platform

Mzeed application contributes to the achievement of enjoyable, powerful digital education. Available on tablets, iPads and computers. The platform is able to publish books and educational content of all kinds and share them to users or view them in the store.


Student comments

I was able to use the Mzeed platform in Practice many questions in science subjects understanding the lessons through clear and summarized educational videos, which helped me to successfully overcome the lockdown phase.
A twelfth grade science student
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