Sudan Curriculum Project

Achieving a comprehensive national renaissance by providing distinguished, interactive, electronic learning

Mint™ e-learning platform contains nearly 6000 interactive educational components so far and is subject to continuous improvement and improvement to keep pace with educational and scientific changes in the curricula and it also contributes to developing and updating Sudanese curricula; To serve accredited students and teachers at the Ministry of Education inside and outside Sudan.

The aim of the project

Our mission is to provide interactive e-learning content with state-of-the-art technology through a recent educational platform that supports the quality of education by empowering students and stakeholders to interact with it positively and making education easy and fun.

  • Distracted Learner are not enthusiastic to learn

    Make learning process more exciting and interesting and teaching more creative by using the motor, visual, auditory learning patterns.

  • Traditional boring curriculum

    Developing the students' intelligence, stimulating their thinking and activating their mental abilities, considering multiple intelligence by using variety of methodology of learning. Increase the motivation to learn through interactive games.

  • Internal and frequent migration

    Achieve the equality of education by targeting students outside Sudan, nomads and others.

  • High costs of education and unavailability of schooling in some areas

    Reducing the cost of education for the state, family and school. Support self-learning process using different learning strategies.

Students and Teachers


Visual Learning

Our vision is to contribute to achieving the comprehensive national renaissance and the promising future through the provision of interactive and distinguished e-learning locally and regionally. To all students and teachers registered in the ministry of education, they will join our spaces that contains all grades text e-books and interactive content in B2C model.

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