Gifted Schools

Rich, Social, Engaging and Motivating Educational Platform in Al-mawhooben Schools

In 5 public schools that sponsor gifted students under one administration, Mint has provided interactive learning, ease of learning and pleasure through active learning. And enhanced the role of the teacher in the establishment of learning objectives and strategies and methods of testing and evaluation.

Challenges in Gifted Education

The gifted project is one of the most important projects aiming to create a rich intellectual and visual environment for talented people. Enabling them to receive a dynamic active and diverse rapid assessment.

  • Difficulties in distributing textbooks in all schools

    Mint™ eliminates difficult logistical procedures and complex distribution networks in the printing and distribution of books.

  • Gifted Students need special categorization

    Many criteria for categorization are available, such as using learner levels and thinking levels taxonomy. Mint Learning spaces enables instructors to create learning groups in an easy way.

  • Traditional Teaching Aids

    With electronic boards, smart blackboards and e-books.

  • Frequent and difficult tasks teacher

    Easy to apply to the teacher to write tests and monitor scores, and to send notes to textbooks for students facilitate the process of explanation.




Connectivity and Interactivity

In a B2B model, all students and teachers in all grades are joining the platform, divided into groups, under powerful administration control.


Student comments

A smart platform that keeps pace with the current innovations, Mint has helped talented schools to achieve their goals, and now we will receive new updates and add the question bank as well.
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