Dema Project

E-Learning Project for Syrian Refugee Children

Through the latest interactive e-learning technology, refugee children can study the curriculum of the Syrian Education Authority (ELEM) through the e-learning system (Mint™).

Technical Solutions

The Android platform was used by students and teachers. The educational content was shared according to the Syrian syllabus. Teachers created educational spaces and shared them with their students. Smart screens were also used to review the content and explain it to the students on the Ment Web platform through the local network provided by each school.

  • Lack of schools

    Nine educational centers were equipped and developed using the Ment e-Learning system.

  • Lack of equipments

    The technical team ensured that the technical potential of teachers and students to conduct educational activity efficiently was met.

  • Lack of Internet

    A high tower was used. Multi-directional antenna dishes were installed to suit the locations of the target schools.

  • Lack of printing presses for books and tests

    The books were added to Mint™ Library. Teachers used both types of assessments (test-worksheet) to evaluate students progressively in almost every class.




Infrastructure for the schools

A wireless LAN was used in the Turkish city of Rihaniy in Dima project covering nine schools. The classrooms are also equipped with storage, charging and protection for students' tablets and smart screens that act as electronic aids to the educational process.

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