We deliver interactive e-learning content to the latest technology systems

across the world. A sophisticated learning platform that responds to the demands, and supports the quality of education in an easy process in a fun and useful environment with the possibility of continuous improvement and development.


Mint’s Spaces contain contents, practices, challenges, and other assessments and discussions and community.

PDF Annotations

It is fun to study with Mint. Add different annotations on your books and add your comments, and share it with your community.


Mint™ is a social platform that enables students and faculty to create discussions on content and exchange comments to access information exchange.


Many types of assessments Mint provides for teachers to assess their students and practices for self-assessments and before-exam practice.

Question Bank

Mint Qbank is a large database of questions in different categories that are available for instructors and students.

Device Manager (Device Locking System)

Campus time in mint™ enterprise is managed. When it’s time to study, mint™ Device Manager locks the tablet using the school’s schedule in case Organization’s policy requires device management.

Control Panel ( mint™ CP )

The Control Panel provides access to the different features and tools available in mint™ Enterprise relating to course customization, users' administration, and groups’ maintenance.

Student questions

Students can post questions and professional teachers are available to explain and respond.

Online store

The online store allows users to publish their spaces and their various contents and control the settings of the spaces.

Live lectures

The teacher can broadcast a live lecture through Mint using Zoom integrated feature, and it is automatically saved inside the space after the broadcast is finished.

Challenges and Leader Board

Fun to learn and compete
Students challenge their colleagues to gain higher points.

Interactive books and picture lessons

A clear explanation that increases the fun of learning and makes it an easy and encouraging process, using interactive videos and drama lessons.

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